Tall Yellow Sista

I wanted to write this blog for months. i got the idea watching some TV program about a girl who wrote a popular blog. i knew i could write because in the old days, a couple of weeks or months ago, i used to write about my life as a an Asian student in high school. a serious skater, a Taoist  and a member of a Chinatown cultural group.

but now my right hand didn’t work. it sat limply by my side. i was like, wow.it was serious. and slowly things came back to me, being in the hospital, asking someone to take me home, but that someone would not or could not.

now i was home. i was sitting in front of the t.v. with my hand in my lap. i was realizing my hand couldn’t move, and i had been in the hospital for a few weeks. when i got my strength back, i was going to type on the computer about what had happened to me.

what had happened? i just know that after some time i came home. i mostly sat in a chair until my brother came home from work. i know a nurse came and stayed with me till my brother came home. the days were all jumbled together. i had to get needles like in the hospital.

somehow i knew, that if i stayed strong, i would come through it.

it was a test.

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