summer is over

it seems like just yesterday i was planning for the summer. i knew i would be exercising and getting back into shape but the main thing was i would see brother xu and plan the wonderful future. now, i am not insane, i know he is him and i am me. i am in mei guo, beautiful and or country and he is in zhongguo, chinese country. i don’t even fantasize about going there cause my chinese relatives are all here now and that’s the main reason people here “go back”. i’m just stating an important point cause a chinese sister the other night started telling me brother xu has a wife and i’m trying to break up his marriage and i said slow down for a minute. he lives in the east and i in the west and neither of us has any plans of changing that. and anyway, why are you minding my business like that? his wife is not sweating over it, and brother xu has had online romances since i was a kid in junior high. why is this woman so worried ? and then it registered, she must like him herself. ok, if that’s it, you’re on line behind me.

although i had known brother xu since jr. high school days, i didn’t like him back then. i mean i liked him, but as a gege, an older brother. he would let me into any party he was having or going to. he helped me transform into a male and traveled with him into areas where girls were not allowed.

anyway, we get to the point when we met again. i don’t know when. someone brought me to a place here where he said he was so happy to see me again. he thought i was out of this world. i told him of the eight days i was unconscious. this is when the red thread became clear and we were tied.