New Year, New Style

i began this as a journal and now that i’ve writing for about  a year i stand back and take a look at what i’ve’s not really a journal or it’s a poor excuse for a journal. i didn’t write a page a day, i didn’t even write a page a week. when i finally remembered to write, i’d sit staring at the screen and thoughts would trickle by.then i’d think about how this part would anger my brother, that part would enrage my mom, another would make my dad lose face.a flow of those thoughts would run through my mind as a steady stream that got stronger until i’d shut it off completely. then i’d write in a way that couldn’t possibly upset or anger anyone. but it was boring as hell.


he is a friend i met online, a couple or three weeks ago. he’s a chinese guy and his avi was not attractive. his body was large and his clothes were large. i was in SL having words with a japanese guy. victor came over and told the guy to cut it out. he’s been visiting the chinese lmkz site since then and taught me a few techniques in building. raising and lowering the floor, changing the color of a room, creating a landing spot. last night i invited him to a party i was invited to. i showed him how to make his clothes smaller and then sesen got him a tux to wear. without the extra clothes he’d been wearing he was not dumpy and overweight. his eyes seemed to have a problem focusing, but there was there was a brightness of his spirit that showed.

he came around everyday to teach me but last night would be the last day of his, he is in singapore. i have never been there but i remember a singapore movie in the old days about three teen-aged ghosts. they were only supposed to inhale the essence of the food offerings because if they ate the food they’d get diarhea. one guy would always find it hard to resist the meat.

i’d like to see that movie again now that i’m older, and see what differences there are from how i remember it.



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