Happy Year of the Chicken!

let me say happy year of the Rooster and Hen to make sure i’ve included everyone boys and girls. maybe chicken includes all but roosters are males and hens are female. it’s not really clear on the year of the chicken cards who is who. just remember who’s who.

when i began this blog i had just got out of the hospital.i was grateful to be home but home didn’t look like home. i had relatives that didn’t look like relatives. my house didn’t look like my house.

my memory has returned, most of it. i’ve been home for over a year. i am at school, online mostly. i see someone from school once a month and take three online classes a week.

i think it’s time to see brother xu again. i saw him last when i decided that since i liked him a lot and he liked me that we were gonna be a couple. he could keep the other girls he had, but they would have to stand up while i sat down.i don’t know why i wrote it like that but the meaning seems clear to me. i guess it was clear to him too because i never saw him again. either he left Second Life or he knows how to be invisible. he might, he’s been here since he was in college and he’s in his thirties now.

one of the girls here told me to leave him alone, he’s married but he’s in china i’m in the US so, hello? i want him and his wife and baby to live the life they desire where they are. i can live a happy life with him in This World.


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