Xiamen Noodles

i’m sitting in front of a bowl of Xiamen noodles on my computer desk. I think Xiamen is a place in china. it’s made with mifen noodles, very thin rice noodles, some sweet pickled vegetables and three fat shrimp. he got it from a restaurant a few blocks from our house with a huge bowl and chopsticks on the roof. the second floor used to have KTV but some mainland officials were caught in a raid with prostitutes and I don’t see the KTV signs anymore.

okay, I just finished the Xiamen noodles. somehow I was thinking today was a Chinese holiday but I don’t see anything on the Chinese calendar or the American one. sunday was the first quarter moon but not a holiday. tomorrow is international woman’s day but that’s not really a holiday in the U.S. though in recent years there have been some conferences and events at colleges. but the U.S. doesn’t celebrate women’s day, labor day or any day that might be for the people.

tomorrow hokki is having a Chinese new year party. I tried several times to catch up with him. the funny thing is, it’s already Wednesday morning in china and he might already be awake. Maybe i’ll take a look over there before I log off.


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