Holy Thursday – April 13th

i got a new computer recently. i was seeing jellybabies – different avatars in green or blue or red translucent colors. after asking around i was told that when computers got old it happened.he asked me how old my computer was and i said five years. my brother said no, it was about eight years old. i got a weird feeling in my stomach that i’d get when time had passed and i had no memory of it.

my brother said he would take me to get a computer an a few days and he did. i remember it was kind if cold even though spring was coming. i thought it would be a drive to long island, and i was really feeling cold but i was glad to go to get a new computer.

we started driving and and i realized we weren’t going to the mall in long island, we were going to mall here in flushing. it’s fairly new…i would have guessed a couple of years old. but now that my computer was 8 years old, any amount of time could have passed.

we went to an appliance shop on the top floor – Best Buy? My brother told the salesman we needed a gaming computer. he took us over to a computer that was really expensive and really huge. i said “no, no way, it won’t fit on the table.” the salesman said it was smaller than the other gaming computer and it would easily fit on a table. then my brother explained that it wasn’t on a table but a two-level computer desk.

the computer looked much bigger to me than the one i had before. the old computer was a hewlett-packard and this one was lenovo, a brand i never heard of before. maybe it was some bootleg chinese or korean brand. well korean is not that bad since the TV is a korean brand and doing pretty good and has a 40-inch screen.

so now i have a Lenovo computer. my brother even went online last night to ask my friends about adjusting the computer, red trees were like jellybabies. he adjusted it and they became trees again. yay!

so today was spent trying to work out computer one by one. i realized no longer had access to my old email which meant i had a new connection so none of my mail was getting to me. brother got back my old email so i’m ready to start again.

here i come!

St. Patrick’s Day

i always wondered why St. Patrick’s day was a huge holiday in america. i assume he was catholic because i don’t think regular christians have saints. well, if they did i never heard anything about it. in catholic homes you will see a picture of a saint, or a bible…well regular christians do sometimes have a bible in the house. sometimes in a bookcase like a regular book. some have a really old bible with family information in it.

we don’t ever put it away somewhere because it’s read every day at mass. there’s usually a little altar somewhere in the house with a statue or picture of jesus, a rosary, a saint. my mother had one, my grandmother had one.

so there’s no mention of anything catholic in daily life EXCEPT St. Patrick’s Day. everyone wears green on that day and some have the button “kiss me cause i’m irish”and there’s a big parade. people get stupid drunk, and piss behind the straggly trees along the parade route. there used to be confrontation between the gay irish who wanted to march in the parade and those who wanted to keep them out. but i haven’t been to the parade in about two years.

i didn’t plan to go to the parade today i was just going to chill around the house. the home attendant stayed for a few hours and left when my grandma came home. grandma took off her jacket and immediately began to count off the exercises. she had remembered everything i guess she watched me do a lot or maybe the home attendant or my bro told here which ones i did. in no time i was sweating and feeling aches and well, not really pains. but aches.

Part 2 -Basketball


I Wanted To Give Up

the day started normally. i took a shower and washed my hair. tied the towel around my head and got dressed. i read my english assignment as i ate breakfast. the home attendant took the dishes and i typed the first half of the report. i heard miss shirley let someone in and minutes later my uncles wife joanne came in.

she wore a leopard-skin fur jacket, gold pants, and tall red boots. she had a leopard print scarf wrapped around her head, and leopard mittens.

“it is ridiculously cold out there!” she said as she pulled off the mittens, the jacket and the scarf. “i brought a dvd with me. it’s an old movie called “Velvet Smooth”. part of it was shot around my neighborhood. it looks so different now!”