St. Patrick’s Day

i always wondered why St. Patrick’s day was a huge holiday in america. i assume he was catholic because i don’t think regular christians have saints. well, if they did i never heard anything about it. in catholic homes you will see a picture of a saint, or a bible…well regular christians do sometimes have a bible in the house. sometimes in a bookcase like a regular book. some have a really old bible with family information in it.

we don’t ever put it away somewhere because it’s read every day at mass. there’s usually a little altar somewhere in the house with a statue or picture of jesus, a rosary, a saint. my mother had one, my grandmother had one.

so there’s no mention of anything catholic in daily life EXCEPT St. Patrick’s Day. everyone wears green on that day and some have the button “kiss me cause i’m irish”and there’s a big parade. people get stupid drunk, and piss behind the straggly trees along the parade route. there used to be confrontation between the gay irish who wanted to march in the parade and those who wanted to keep them out. but i haven’t been to the parade in about two years.

i didn’t plan to go to the parade today i was just going to chill around the house. the home attendant stayed for a few hours and left when my grandma came home. grandma took off her jacket and immediately began to count off the exercises. she had remembered everything i guess she watched me do a lot or maybe the home attendant or my bro told here which ones i did. in no time i was sweating and feeling aches and well, not really pains. but aches.

Part 2 -Basketball


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