Earth Day

i’m not going to write about Earth Day. i remember the first earth day celebration i went to. i went with a group but i don’t remember who. my school? but a catholic school wouldn’t come out for earth day, in fact they never rallied or demonstrated about anything.

still, i remember going to a rally and i remember going up on the stage and speaking. about the earth and how it was alive and how it was being choked and poisoned but it was gonna survive. take a licking but keep on ticking. and after all the talking was done we sat in the street and chanted and then the police came. they put these plastic handcuffs on my wrists and put us on a bus. a real bus but yet there was something unreal about it too. we were crowded together and locked up and after a few hours the policemen let us out.

did this happen? if i ever got arrested i’d never hear the end of it, my mother would be arguing non-stop. dad would be mad that i didn’t go to school. no, i did go to school that day we met near city hall after school. i think it was a Thursday.





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