Here I Go Again

Yes, here I go. School is out for the summer. When I signed up last year I thought “yay, I’m back!” I thought i would catch up in no time and be leading the class. For the last eight years of my school life I have been an A student. Because of that I could go out to play when I wanted, come home late when i wanted. Well, I tested that once and came home Really late. I was out in front of the house with some friends and it was about 3:00 am when I finally came inside. It was summer and i had no school so it was all good. I got in bed and under the cover (yes in summer I sleep with a blanket and no clothes). A little while later, it seemed like ten minutes later there was a knock on my door. Loud hard knocks like the police were gonna come in. I heard my dad say meet him in the backyard in ten minutes.

Ten minutes later i was there. First there was  Calisthenics, then stretching, kicks, punches, then we jogged to the park. Then, I forget what you call it but two kicks towards the head and three punches to the stomach. Kick boxing training I think. I went to bed at nine.


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