Going To The Mall – Stronger

In the past although I liked going to the mall and seeing the people and displays I began to dislike it because brother would find some place for me to exercise. First it was to slowly stand and watch the fish swim past. Then it was walking a little more, a little more. Then it was walking from one end of the long hall to the other end.

We began today having breakfast at the food court. I had an egg salad sandwich and a huge vanilla egg cream. There’s no egg in the egg cream I don’t know how or why it has that name. The Vietnamese make a similar drink. Basically it’s seltzer water, milk and chocolate syrup. Somebody had the idea of using vanilla syrup which is the flavor I get.  And at Johnny Rockets it’s always sweet, even now when the style is to cut back on sugar.  I drink much less soda than i did in the past but I’d rather drink half a can of regular soda than a full can of seltzer water with a breath of soda flavoring. Johnny Rockets still made egg creams the way they were made back in the day. Although the company Johnny Rockets was maybe ten or twelve years old at the mall where I first discovered them, they were made to give you the feel of a 1940’s diner. The food was something you would have had in the old days, big fries and shakes, onion rings, apple pie and hamburgers. The good thing was they have a vegetarian hamburger smothered in onion that tastes just like a real hamburger. How do I know what a real hamburger tastes like? I can’t explain that. My mom said I came home and said Kuan Yin didn’t want people to eat cows, that they were gentle and worked hard for humans and gave milk (which I and most Chinese can’t drink). Our stomachs will rumble loudly, until you have to go move your bowels.

Grandma said she wanted to go, her head hurt but first she wanted an ovaltine or coffee. Brother left then returned with an insulated paper cup full of something steaming. Grandma added two little packages of sugar and a lot of milk, than began to slowly sip it. When she finished, her eyes were bright and she was ready to walk with my brother and I.


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