The Eclipse! The Eclipse!

Late last night, before he went to bed, brother told me there would be an eclipse today. ┬áHe said it would almost be a total eclipse and the maximum point would be at 2:44 pm today. It would have a circle of bright light around the edge but the sun would be black and we shouldn’t look up at the sun unless we had these special glasses that looked like the glasses you wear for 3D movies or your eyes would be severely damaged. Grandma said she heard about eclipses before but never saw one in her whole life and wondered if there was any way to see it. Brother said no, you had to have special glasses and nobody knew where to to get them especially so late at night. He went online and found a site that showed pictures of what it would look like.

I woke up at eight, got cleaned up and went to the computer. There were pictures of what the eclipse would look like and places where it could be seen. Some places were bright, some were dark as tv cameras from all over filmed it. At some point they began to show dark skies, then black skies and people in the darkness staring up and looking though their 3-D type glasses. The sun was still shining at my window.

Finally it was 2:44 pm, the time it was said we’d see it in New York City. It looked a little shady from my window but it was still a bright day.

I heard some kids voices in the street and hoped they were wearing their special glasses.