And Now It’s Autumn

I came here ready to write about the eclipse of the moon or sun, it was recent. maybe a month ago. The sun still shone faintly through the living room window. It never got darker than a cloudy day and that was only for a short time. I thought about this for a long time afterwards. looking from window, it definately never got got dark. Yet there was never anything on tv that said what we were told to prepare for never happened. I asked friends at school and people from all over the country about what they’d seen and basically they saw something faint like I did. One person around arkansas told me his sky got black and he described a real eclipse like we’d been preparing for. Not a total eclipse, there would still be some percentage of sun showing from the right edge.

I don’t why this stayed in my mind for so long. Maybe because nobody was talking or writing about it. It reminded me of a story a gangster told me about years ago, an old lady saw an angel on a treetop. Maybe two other people thought they might have seen the angel too. Then a preacher said he’s seen it too, and the reason everyone didn’t see it was because they were sinners. In the end, about 20 people in the crowd saw it.

Tomorrow — goodbye to another level of friends.