Autumn 2017

At some point I realized I was waiting for autumn to come. I always thought when autumn (or spring or summer or winter) comes I’ll be better. I’ll be walking, something major will happen. Well, something major didn’t happen, but when I put it all together something major has happened. I’m walking further, I can read more, remember more, solve problems, have discussions, know what i want to eat and don’t want to eat.

I remembered my ‘son’. I met him a few years ago, his mom was having a hard time trying to make it with her three kids and I took him as my ‘son’. I think he was 7 or 8. My dad let him live with us. I took him to school.  I don’t clearly remember how it ended.  I would see this little boy who would always greet me and hug me and one day it came clear to me. this was my ‘son’.

This June he was 12. He always been small for his age. He was always fast, running and walking along the fence in the playground. Always taking risks, just like when I was a kid. Now he was going to be in Jr. High. Now, when I think of time that has passed that I can’t remember, I just get calm and think about it again later. Eventually it comes back. For several weeks I was trying to think of the Mexican goddess whose picture is all around the city. Today I remembered — she is Our Lady Of Guadalupe.


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