How Do I Write This Again?

I was was going through this journal looking at two articles I had just found. One was just a few sentences of gobbledegook (that word looks Korean don’t it?) The second was two paragraphs about Thanksgiving. I was saying that that we as political people had the right to celebrate the holiday even though White people seem to have taken it over.

But the the truth is, there was a ‘thanksgiving’ for hundreds or thousands of years before before then. It was wasn’t on November 26 or whatever day it’s celebrated now but it was on the full moon closest to that day. Natives feasted and celebrated and gave thanks to the Creator. Maybe for the New Year. I remember learning from Grandmother Raven Hail that the Cherokee had two New Years, an agricultural New Year in March or early April; and one in October/Early November.  But research this.

So I have been taught to respect both ways, and when in doubt, choose the Mother’s or Grandmother’s way.


Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a real American holiday, created in America. Well, there are many tribal celebrations but like Chinese holidays they are linked to the moon, to nature.Like, the first snow or Xi Wang Mu’s birthday (which will be the first New Moon in August around then. sometimes it might even come the following month. I need a calendar to look it up completely. With daily pics of the moon. It must have been really hard for our ancestors to keep track of the days and moons especially on cloudy days and foggy nights. Anyway, I thank you for keeping it going all of this time. Now we have the technology to make predictions and most are right. But the more we change the flow of rivers and rip into the earth, the more the Mother centers energy to pull us back.