Happy New Year!

You’re probably saying “new year is a month and a half ago” and you’re right for most of the world but for Chinese (and most Asian people) New Year began 10 minutes ago.  that’s if you’re in New York where it’s 12:12 AM. If you’re in California it’s hasn’t gotten to midnight yet.

It’s now the Year Of The Dog. I don’t think I know any Dog people. Imagine people saying “he or she is such a dog” (ha ha). Dogs are ok but I prefer cats. Twice small or medium small dogs bit my ankle.Both times it began with loud barking and then a bite. It didn’t break the skin but it was a bite. The first time I was getting into a truck, the second time I was going down the street on my way to school. I jumped over a fence and this group of firemen were cracking up. (It’s New Years so I won’t dwell on a negative.) The teeth didn’t pierce me. Maybe I looked like someone who did something to him. In those days we lived in a Black neighborhood. I guess that dog knew “you’re light-skinned, but you still ain’t one of us”.

That evening I walked down that street on my way home.  Sure enough, he started barking. I stopped and stood there. In my mind I said, shut up, and go back across the street. He shut up, but as I started to walk away, he ran toward me. I took a rock out of my pocket and threw it at his head. He made a whining sound and I threw the second rock. He really sounded like he was crying then.


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