I’ve Made It Through Another Year Yay!

We’ve just celebrated Chinese New Year. Later I will read what I’ve written about it. Of course it won’t be like the old days of collecting red envelopes from my family, or later days of collecting them from the local store owners. I don’t remember seeing anyone from the past although if they walked right in front of me, I wouldn’t know them. It seems like years since I’ve seen Bro Xu, reading though this dairy or journal I see that he last contacted me in December and showed me a picture of his daughter who is now a little girl and not a baby….I remember how she looked as a baby and how she looks as a little girl. I remember how he used to look a lil on the skinny side and now he’s more buff. In one pic, did he have a glass of wine? It seems like I remember that….I am separating my sentences with …. because i’ve messed my punctuation somehow. I’ll just finish it like this for now and fix it on the next page…Looking out the window, my desk is beside a window. This window used to have a blurry film over the glass. It’s been like that as long as I can remember. But I remember asking my brother this summer if we could clean this window.  He looked at me strangely, I guess cause this window’s been like this for so many year. A few days later the super came and he took out two window frames and put in two new windows. It’s like a whole new world has been revealed. I see sky, and the library two blocks away…a street with hair salons and drugstores and…well actually I see across the street not on this side. And for some reason it’s gotten darker across the street. I remember seeing more colored lights last night. Oh, maybe for Chinese New Year!

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