Cold Outside (but I’m toasty by the window)


I look out the window and I see many colored lights flashing.  It’s a month past Christmas, and I saw about five of the last Christmas trees tied up today and out waiting for the garbage truck. but now it’s 9:00 pm and there is still a festive feeling in Flushing Chinatown. then I remembered—Chinese New Year! Maybe about a week away.

I know this is will be the Year of the Dog. I wonder what Dog represents the year? The Chinese dog  (it has a lot of long fur). Shi Tzu?

This is really the time to remember our Dog brothers and sisters. They are still our canine lucky charms who go through the cold, the rain. the snow to keep us safe. Some humans treat them as they would like to be treated. They walk them under umbrellas, give them drinks when they’re thirsty, all the things our pets need. They also give them things human need and dogs don’t need…sweet food, fat, drugs.

We’re backing away from these poisons and finding out the true ways of health. Food that we can eat as it is. Or put it on our faces.

Breathe in, breathe out! Let’s go!

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