Charge Them For Our Time

I just got a call from an insurance woman about a car we owned – and then sold about sixteen years ago. We told them we no longer have car, but they have been calling about it for years. The callers all have Indian accents so I guess they are calling from India. They probably bought a list of car owners with old cars. When that list is gone through they must sell it and scam continues. I wonder how it ended up with a car we owned…so many years ago and traded it in, and got a new one? A newer one, we never had a new car. Newer than the previous car only. Anyway these MFs have been calling for years.

Obviously, ours is not the only family they’ve been calling. Our last name is clearly Chinese so I wonder if it’s some Chinese list but then they would have a bunch of people who can’t speak English, a waste of time. How do you think we should deal with this? Cause if it’s us today, it will be you tomorrow.


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